Welcome to Eko Hotels Delivery!

Eko Hotels Delivery is the food & beverage (F&B) delivery unit of the prestigious Eko Hotels & Suites. Eko Hotels & Suites is the most preferred hotel in West Africa and it’s all about the right mix! Located in the heart of Victoria Island and shielded from the hustle and bustle of the Lagos metropolis, we offer our corporate clients and walk in guests a perfect blend of relaxation, activities, and African tradition delicately infused to meet the highest international standards. To learn more, click here


Reserve the ultimate dining experience to enjoy a deliberately colorful fusion of our chefs’ experiences, cultures and cuisines from around the world, finished with a sparkle of enchanting African flavors over a 5-course meal.

You have never had anything like it… and that’s a fact you can take to the bank. We host the ‘haute table’ with justifiable arrogance and a commitment to take you on a fun journey to tasting the love and science behind culinary fusion. One thing is for sure, the menu is designed and delivered “A virgin”. Overlooking the best Skyline in the Lagos Metropolis at Eko Hotels & Suites, the Haute Table will host a minimum of twelve people on a journey best described as phenomenal, by our magic-making Chefs.